Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gunnar is Released!

Remember our blog friends that were passing through on their way home from a wedding? Remember Gunnar had a tummy ache and ended up having surgery (appendicitis) the night they arrived?
Well, their one-night-stay turned into a 5 night and 5 day stay!
Gunnar was finally released from the hospital on Sunday. They left first thing Monday.

All of the children had a blast (except for Gunnar)...

We rode horses

burned boxes

played games

did crafts (ie: painting, beads, coloring)

played family games

read stories

much playing in the playroom

lots of eating!

Chores: dishes, kitchen prep, animals, clean house, etc.

And then we said Good-bye...

It was a fun (unexpected) time with friends.
And now Gunnar is appendix-less!

Get well - real soon!!


Andrea Cherie said...

Good ol Calvin & Hobbes- one of my favs from my childhood!

Amy said...

So glad you were able to help Cinnamon out with the children. Just stopped by from her blog. You have a beautiful family!

Dani Joy said...

So glad he is better. What a bummer he had to spend all that fun time in the hospital. But praise the Lord for friends and a big home to play in! AMEN

thanks for coming over to visit and for your encouraging words. It was a huge blessing!