Friday, October 23, 2009

Since We are on the Subject...

Hudson got his first-ever buck on Deer Opener Day.
The antlers were not much to "write home about" but he was a good size in body. We have processed the meat into jerky and sausage.

It was dark and they had no camera when Hudson shot him, so there are no "field" photos of Hudson and his buck. Hanging in the garage will have to do for those of you who really want to see it. (sorry Shan)

The 2009 Hunting season for our family is officially over.
I am so proud of my guys!

Caleb has a few more hunts to guide and he LOVES doing that. He has been scouting for the hunters every morning and evening. Very excited to help them get their elk.

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Gae said...

My guys would be totally jelous. We cannot hunt anything hardly in Austarlia, and we don't have the big game you do.
Great day