Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am back! (kinda)

I am back in action again! Surely, you didn't think a little computer glitch would put me out of the blogging business? ( I sure DID - with much frustration!!) My smart and very techno hubby figured out the problem of why I could not post pictures.

My file on picasa web was full. My Blogger file would take no more data. Filled up! Maxed out! No more! Are you kidding me?!?!!?? Have I really posted that much!? So, my hubby (without consulting me first) deleted pictures from past posts :-( to buy me more time space.

Has this happened to anyone else? All to say, if I want more space, I must now pay for it. Hmmmm....

What should I do?


Andrea Cherie said...

Oh! A Bosch Universal is my next big purchase on the list! Hubby made me a deal that if I sold the microwave on Craigslist, he would make sure I get one sooner than later! Microwave was sold last Saturday!

Congrats on your FULL freezer! What a tremendous blessing!

Cinnamon said...

Well I'm glad you're back. I was just thinking today that I'd not heard from you. How's the cook working out?

Thinking of you all~ Cinnamon