Monday, January 17, 2011


has been our new vocabulary word for the past two weeks.
Calcaneus is the bone that Brian fractured in his heel.
It is the bone that will get some MAJOR attention tomorrow.

The calcaneus is the bone in the back of the foot, commonly referred to as the heel bone. This bone helps support the foot and is important in normal walking motions. The joint on top of the calcaneus is responsible for allowing the foot to rotate inwards and outwards.

Surgical treatment of calcaneus fractures usually involves making an incision over the ourside of the foot, and placing a metal plate and screws into the broken heel bone. The doctor will attempt to restore the normal alignment of the bone and return the cartilage surface as close to normal as possible.

The following photos are from the internet (not Brian's)
The x-ray on the left is before surgery and the one on the right is after surgery.
See the plates and screws?
That will be Brian's foot tomorrow...

Thanks again for your prayers.



Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

Praying for you and Brian tomorrow! It's so hard to watch our husbands have to endure such pain...praying for a quick recovery! I left a comment and then had to delete it when I remembered that Brian is your dear husband and not your son. :) It's been a long day here. Silly me! {{{HUGS}}} Covering you, Brian and the doctors in prayer!!!

The Munck Family said...

Brian remains in our prayers for healing and strength. We pray that the doctors and nurses be guided by the Lord. We pray for your whole family and all that will take place in the days to come.
Ashley try to get some rest and take care of baby!