Monday, January 10, 2011

The Grand Finale!

This is my last and very final post about Thanksgiving.
(I know what you are thinking - Finally!)
The following are pics that our photographer took
(Photography by Clark Swensen)

My Dad and Mom 

My Family
Debbie, Grant, Paul, Mom, Dad, and Me

In order of birth:
Paul's family

My Family

Grant's Family

Debbie's Family

Papa and Nana
All 27 Grandchildren
(2 more on the way -  me and my sister are pregnant)

 The Entire Crew

What a fun Thanksgiving!
Great memories.


Here to Serve Him... said...

You have a beautiful family and gorgeous pictures! JOY seems to be written all over each and every face! Thanks for sharing! :o)


The Mayo Family said...

As I pulled up the comment page all ready to say...
just what "Here to serve Him" said!
I can only second this! It is so sweet and my family & I were blessed to look at you "Happy & Beautiful Family".
I am wondering...if you do not mind my asking...?
You were apparently raised in a christian home..were yall home schooled? What is your back ground-ish? Your parents are lovely! I am hoping I am not being too "nosy"?
We are praying for your hubby & how are you feeling..Momma to soon be?

Cinnamon said...

Ashley, you have a beautiful family! But you know that :-) I didn't realize your sister was pregnant too. How fun!!

Btw, you look adorable with your little ~belly~ poking out. How are you feeling?

We have been praying for Brian. How is he doing?


Pam said...

Hi Ashley,
Gorgeous photos. Wish I had a family that large! There are only 2 of us on my side and my husbands side.

Marci said...

What a beautiful family. You are so blessed!!!

The Morris Family said...

incredidable photos Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love them!!!! beautiful family heritage!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Munck Family said...


What an amazing family you have, not just yours and Brians...but your extended family, wow!

Just to think one day we could have a family like that too. What a wonderful time you all must have when you are together. God has richly blessed your family!

Natalie said...

AMAZING pictures!