Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Few More

Christmas Traditions

The Candlelight Christmas
This is the Place Monument Park
(2nd annual)
This year we went with my brother and his family.
Very Fun and very, very cold.

Singing with the street carolers

 "Mountain Man" warming by the woodburning stove

Jacob and Weston

Signing the "nice" list.
Caleb was the only one to sign the "naughty" list.  

A live Nativity

Petting the livestock

Learning to Doe-see-Doe (sp? - no idea!)

A round of Hot Chocolate to warm us up.


Another fun activity and I just love how the strands add to our Christmas tree.

We were able to accomplish many strands with just a few finger pricks
Ouch! Those hurt.

Dani Rae and Weston

Maggie, friend Olivia and Elizabeth 

Abbi and Maggie

Me, Baby and Dani Rae

After Christmas, we throw the strands of popcorn on our trees outside 
and enjoy watching the birds peck away at them. 
(a little after-Christmas treat for the birdies)

singing Christmas hymns for/with the church body.


Cinnamon said...

I remember last years pictures of this. It looks so fun!!

YOU look wonderful. That sweet belly growing :-)


Natalie said...

Tee hee hee! It's do-si-do! Clearly you didn't grow up in the Midwest or you'd know how to spell that after having to do the Virginia Reel in gym class...bow to your partner, bow to your corner, do-si-do, and promenade! Ack! Stop me!

Love all of the pictures!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Looks like a grand time! Right up my alley- except for the cold weather!
Great idea about throwing the popcorn outside to watch the birds...we will have to try this next year!
You look good.
I have been enjoying catching up with your posts. The family shoots are great! Love the buttermilk cookies, they turned out great!You have a beautiful family!!!

The Morris Family said...

Hows Brian doing??? praying for him!!!