Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Faithful Friend

and Dog!
This is Bandit.
He is a 12 yr old Blue Heeler - Aussie mix.
He came to us (rescue dog) a few months before we moved to the mountain - 7 years ago.
He keeps the coyotes and foxes "at bay" - protecting our farm critters.
He lays on the back patio ready to go at a moments notice if "his boy" (Caleb) needs him to accompany him on a hike/hunt/whatever. 
Oh, he loves "his boy".
He is also available to the rest of his when we need him.
The one job he does not particularly like, but tolerates, is raising the babies.
Every spring - duty calls!

He is enjoying his afternoon on the patio watching the children play.

And then comes along one of those "babies"...

OK. Here is your kiss.

Now, go on!

OK. One more.

Seriously. Enough. 
Go do, and do, what goats do.

Fine! - have it your way. 
Have my bed.
I'm outta here!


Jennifer said...

He's such a great job~
We got to find one of these 'faithful friends' to keep critters at bay, for sure!

Jennifer said...

Ashley-can you fix that? I meant...he's such a great dog and does such a great job!

Amy said...

Love it!!! This post was so cute:)