Friday, April 29, 2011

The Stylin' Dude

 So.... a very sweet bloggy friend, Angela, emails me 
before Cooper is born and says,
"I would love to make/mail you one of my soft wool hats for your baby".
My response...
Send one my way.

And she did...
(you can see more of her cute hats on her blog)

What up homey?
(This pic totally cracks me up)

Thanks Angela! 
Cooper loves his hat.


Valerie said...

OH my cute!!! :) He's getting so big.

Angela said...

Aaaah so cute. I shared his pic on my blog. I guess I shouldnt have made it quite so large! Sorry about that. He is quite the doll baby.

Cinnamon said...

Oh I love that last picture too. I can just hear the boys saying "dude!" they are soo funny!!

How are you sweet friend? Yes a cabin out there would be LOVELY but a bit far for a wknd trip :-/

We miss seeing all of you and hope to meet up once again in the future~

~hugs~ Cinnamon