Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time Flies!

Our little man is 4 weeks old!
My, oh my, how he has grown in the past month.

One Day Old

One Week Old 

2 Weeks Old
in the hospital with RSV

3 Weeks Old
home sweet home (with oxygen)

4 Weeks Old
We are thrilled... 

to have Cooper

in our lives,

 our arms,

and our hearts!

We love you sweet boy!!


Shelley said...

Glad to see he is doing better. Sweet little man. God bless you and your family. Now, do you have those flips out yet. I have mine on and it is 50 degrees here. Whoo hoo. I hope you get yours on soon.

Cinnamon said...

Oh Ashley he is sooo adorable!! How are you feeling? Tired? Getting rest? Is he sleeping well?

Granton and I pray for his new pal Cooper and we hope to meet him in person one year. John is wanting to go to Montana again so maybe then :-)

Take care friend~ Cinnamon

Valerie said...

He is SO cute! Glad to hear that he is doing so well...happy one month birthday little Cooper!!! :)

myletterstoemily said...

i'm so glad he's home, safe and sound and

Amy said...

Cooper is so cute!!! Precious little boys...can't believe ours are already 4 weeks old. Time does fly too fast:)

The Mayo Family said...

Where does the time go?
I really can't believe that he is one month old!
WoW! Sweet is he feeling now is that all cleared up?
Give him a extra kiss!
Thankful things are going well...