Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Outlaw!

We have an "outlaw" living among us.
And it's my Grandma.

Who knew?

She and the kids were having so much fun this particular day.
Maggie had dressed up as a sheriff and was protecting her town.
Then came along "an outlaw". 
(Weston had given Grandma a gun)
Grandma and Maggie had a shootout.
And then another and another and another.
The other children took their turns.
Everyone was laughing.
Laughing hard! 
It was a good time for all.

And my sweet Grandma was a good sport.


Angela said...

You have done a wonderful thing by bringing your grandma into your home. This is teaching your family soooo much. Lessons and memories they will have for a lifetime. When I was young, out greatgrandma lived with us for 5 years until she passed. I can still remember her laughter.

Devin and Tiffany said...

That is great!! I am sure her quality life has improved 1000% by being with you all!

Yes I did make Kinley's cake, we started making fun cakes with Kaya and now we have set a standard. This one was pretty easy though, still recovering from Tonya's wedding catastrophe!