Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finding the Heat (part 3)

About mid-week into our vacation, we traveled a few hours west.
We hit the Aquarium of the Pacific for our morning activity.

Watching the sharkies!

Petting the Tiger Sharks.

Watching the seals and sea lions get fed and do tricks.

On the beach

These crabs fascinated all of us. 
For one, they did not move and just swayed with the waves.
For two, they were huge!

Cute little Clown Fish

More learning and observing...

Tessa and the "love of her life" - Daddy!

The whole crew (- me).
(someone had to take the pic)

Afterwards, we found a shady place near the ocean and palm trees to have a picnic lunch.

It was a fun morning at the Aquarium and then we were off to...
(stay tuned)


The Munck Family said...

That looked like lots of fun! A few years ago Arthur, Wesley, and I went to Anaheim to hear the Maxwell's I remember the aquarium, and surrounding area. It was just beautiful. I'm so glad ya'll had a great trip, I look forward to seeing more pictures ;-)

myletterstoemily said...

i'm so glad you are having such a fun
family vacation. i know they are a lot
of work but reap huge rewards in
memories. our older children laugh
now at the things we sometimes made
them do.