Saturday, June 25, 2011


Our smiley boy...

Cute hat crocheted by a friend.
Thanks Jennifer!

His "please push me" look.
Enough pictures!


Oh, those big, baby blues
and the drool...
melt my heart!


The Mayo Family said...

This lil-man is growing up!
Smooch he is a sweetie pie!

Cinnamon said...

He is adorable! I love those eyes. That hat compliments him wonderfully~

I saw a bit of Dani in him.

Give those cheeks a sweet little squeeze from me~

p.s. YES how fun that would be to have our tea together :-) Gianna keeps saying "Are the Z's coming to see us? Are we going to see them? We just have to Mama!" Guess she misses you all :-) we all do!

Jennifer said...

Ohhh, he's so cute!
Love those big eyes :)

The Morris Family said...

Did you have to put your flip-flops up???? its been 100 for many days here.

Hes growing for sure!!!


Amy said...

Ashley, he's a cutie pie!!!1 I love the peek-a-boo picture.