Wednesday, June 8, 2011


beautiful music and pretty girls!
Saturday was a fun day for the girls (and Cooper) in our family.
We all dressed up and headed to SL for Abbi and Maggie's violin recital.
They did fabulous!!



Maggie, Mrs. C (violin teacher), and Abbi

After the recital we went to the hospital to see Nana (my mom).
And then we went to lunch at the girls' most favorite resaurant...
The Olive Garden!

Little Man had a fun day with all of "his girls".


The Morris Family said...

oh so happy for the girls and their music abilites!!!Reminds of our old days of recitals!!!!

Hows ur mommy???? She is an incredible woman~!!!


Amy said...

Just lovely!!! How is your mom doing? We enjoy Olive Garden too. We usually go there when we visit my family.

The Munck Family said...

What a special time! Congratulations girls!!! We LOVE Olive Garden, so if you ever make it to Tennessee we'll have to go there and eat;)