Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prayer Updates

Thanks for your continued prayers for Brian.
The Dr. said his foot is 80% "heel"ed.
The last 20% will take the next 2 years for it to completely heal and for him to feel no pain.
He has a bit of a limp when he walks but he is free from crutches, knee brace, and knee walker.
Just pain at the end of the day.
That's ok. 
(easy for ME to say)
We are thankful he is on the mend and back to, somewhat, normal activity again.

What was suppose to be an in and out colonoscopy has turned into a 2 week stay at the luxurious Salt Lake  Hospital.  She has had a few post-op issues that are getting better each day.
Pray for a quick resolve of these issues so she can go home.

She came to our house the day before her appt to "love on" Cooper (and the others),

to eat "Make-your-own-taco Night",

to help the girls finish a sewing project,

and to help celebrate Abbi's birthday.
We Love You, Mom!!

Thanks again SO MUCH for your prayers.
Greatly appreciated!

"He has made His wonderful works to be remembered;
The Lord is gracious and full of compassion."
Psalm 111:4


Cinnamon said...

I'm so glad you updated!! I was wondering how Brian was doing when I saw your vacation photos. I'm so glad he's better and on the mend.

Yippee for your Mama. What a sweet lady she is to come and do so much with your girls. Praying she will come home soon!


Pam said...

I Ashley, So sorry to hear about your Mom I will be praying for her. I love the new picture of the kids in your header. Love your posts about all your goings on.

The Munck Family said...

WOW, Brian's foot xray gets me every time...remarkable!!! Praising the Lord he is 80% and we'll continue to pray for his complete healing along with being pain free!

Your mother looks like a sweet sweet lady, our family will be praying she gets home soon and all her issues are worked out!


The Morris Family said...

Love your new header picture!!!

So thankful everyone is healing up!!!

Cooper is getting sooooo big!!! A cutie!!