Monday, March 8, 2010

Great News!

Caleb went on a lo-oong hike yesterday. This is what he found along the way and brought home..

She is a little bigger than his last one. 

But still just as cute.
I love their little faces.
Caleb is very excited to have found another one.
AND we are excited for him!

Caleb is not sure what to name her.
He would love suggestions from you.
Any ideas?


Mrs. Taffy said...

Did you ever read that children's book about Fluffy? He's a porcuepine who hates his name...Fluffy Wasn't. He's adorable! :o)

Nicole said...

That's so cute :) So they don't do anything? They just let you "catch" them? They don't go into defence mode or anything? Hmmmm.... Can't think of good name tho :(

Susan said...

something that starts with a P

Here to Serve Him... said...


How fun...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! :o)


P.S.) Kyle would love nothing more than to live where you are!

Amy said...

So exciting!! Looking forward about this new friend:) I'm not creative when it comes to names...sorry.

Dale said...

Caleb, how about Pokey the Porcupine.

Natalie said...

Buttercup. There's a porcupine in Beaver Creek named Buttercup and it's a male! I think we need a female Buttercup!

I love their feet.

Cinnamon said...



Dani Joy said...

I don´t get it.. I thought they let loose of their quills when they were touched. It actually looks fuzzy. How can you ahve them as pets?

She sure is cute!

Dani Joy