Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Miss...

our HORSES!!
Our horses winter at my dad's in Salt Lake.
We miss not seeing and playing with them every day.
We snuck away (another spontaneous move on my part) and spent the afternoon with them.
Oh, we had fun!

Dani Rae on 30 year old Risky ~ her boy.

She loves speed.
Risky loves her!

Hudson brushed Ranger (no pics) and took a ride with Dani Rae.

Abbi brushing and loving on Tally ~ her girl.

Lunging Tally on a lead line

Asking Tally to stand still.
I could watch Abbi "work" with her horse all day long.

Enjoying being "in the saddle" again. 
(Even though there was NO saddle. Abbi loves bareback.)

Our barn is almost done. And the horses will soon be coming back.
Yee Haw! 


Shelley said...

My Abbi is totally going to love the pics of your Abbi on the horse. What beautiful pics of the kids and horses. Your new family photo is beautiful. My daughter, Abbi has her own little blog just talking about her day and her sibs. I don't know if your Abbi does any blogging, but here is Abbi's blog Maybe they could exchange pics or do the pen pal thing. Just a thought. Thanks so much for sharing.

Susan said...

Im sure you do miss your horses but you are bless to not have to go out twice a day and care for them in the winter. However, the barn will make it nicer for the horses and give Abbi a place to get out of the weather and still spend time brushing her horse.

I can't wait until it warms up and the snow is gone out of my arena so I can start working with my new filly. Tell Abbi to come over to my blog and have a look at her.She is very pretty and I'm sure Abby will like her. Jana and I are planning on lots of trail rides this year, you and Abby should come along sometime, we have fun!


Amy said...

The horses are beautiful!!! The children look very comfortable around them and look like second nature. Thanks for sharing:)

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Thia looks like lots of fun!!! Lord-willing, one day we will have horses and my children will feel natural around them like yours.

God is good to bless you and the children with the time to go to your dad's for a visit. I;m sure the horses were excited also!!!


myletterstoemily said...

bet you all love the man from
snowy river!

your horses are beautiful. i
can see why you miss them.

such sweet pics.

Dani Joy said...

Impressive pictures of Abby working the horse! that´s awesome!

I bet you do miss them! I can´t even imagine having them. What a blessing!!!

Dani Joy