Friday, April 9, 2010

One Week Ago...

We were on our way home from Idaho.

Remember... crazy me wanted to get the chicken pox from our cousins?
So, we packed our bags -

Drove north through beautiful terrain - 

(Devils Slide- way cool)

And arrived in Idaho!!

Their 2 youngest had been exposed to the pox but never did break out. 
So we came home empty handed with the pox but full of great times and many memories!

Paul (my older bro) and Elaine have 8 children that are pretty much all the same ages as our children. When our children get together, there is lots-of-fun happening.

The Whole Crew
(except for Caleb and cousin Lauren)

A few of the things we did - -

Games of Chess
Sam and Hudson

Dead Man! Dead Man! on the tramp
Tessa, Hope and Mark

Group chaos on the tramp

Lauren, Hope, Maggie, Tessa and Elizabeth

Bike Riding
Lauren and Dani Rae
Emilie and Abbi

Playing in the Play-house
Mark and Tessa

"Blowing out" of eggs...
for a spring decoration!

Pulling teeth...


Holding the very cute one week old puppies
Calvin and Weston

Greeting newborn goat kids
Alli and Dani Rae
Abbi and kid

Snuggling and giggling on the couch
Dani Rae, Abbi and Emilie

We went to a play called
"No Greater Love"
It was about God's amazing grace that provides hope and salvation through the cross.
Very well done with live animals such as a donkey, sheep and a camel.
This is Clyde the Camel -
and he gives kisses!!

Stay tuned for more!


Amy said...

Oh, this looks like a great time with family!!! So, how many siblings do you have and do each of them have large families? Wasn't it your sister who just had a baby? Just curious! Love to see large families whose children also have large families:) Very rare!

Natalie said...

Cousins are the BEST!

The Munck Family said...

Great trip looking forward to more pictures

The Morris Family said...

The new family pictures are so beautiful!! Hopefully you'll be in flip flops soon....we are!!!

Tell all hi from the Morris farm!!