Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A friend from church went to Haiti.
She is going back in June and she has a list of things she wants to take with her to help the Haitians.

One item she would like to take is clothing - dresses for the girls.
She gave us directions on how to make
Pillowcase Dresses
(fyi - the directions made no sense to me so my mom made one and showed us how to. Thanks MOM!)
Sierra (a friend) and Abbi pinning on the straps and pulling the elastic for a gathered front. It is a very easy and quick dress to make.

Maggie sewing on the straps.
We had quite the assembly line and made 10 dresses.


We had a lot of fun making them.
We pray that these dresses will bless the little orphan girls of Haiti.
We pray that the little girls that wear these will be well taken care of, find homes and come to know Jesus!


myletterstoemily said...

what a sweet thing to do with your
girls for little haitian girls.

Cinnamon said...

And why didn't you call me? - ha ha

What a fun project! I love it!!

Does your friend have a list that we can add to?


Amy said...

That's great!!! Looks like the girls enjoyed the project and the dresses turned out lovely. This will be a blessing so some lovely Haitian girls. Wouldn't it be neat to get a picture of the some of the girls actually wearing them for your girls to see:)

Susan said...

"Ashley" I love this!!!
I would love for my girls to make some of these dresses for your friend to take with her when she goes back to Haiti. We have been looking for a sewing project that is simple. Jana wants to learn too.
Is is possible to get the pattern from you and does your friend need more dresses?

Shelley said...

Too cute and what an awesome idea. My daughter Abbi is learning to sew and this could be an awesome project for her too. Can you let us know about the pattern or directions, too. Thanks
Shelley :)

Bren said...

Way to go girls!!! Your blessings are blessing others Ash!

Anonymous said...

Therse are now lovingly packed in separate zip lock bags and will await the container for shipment to Haiti. God Bless each of you and your wonderful hands. I want to print the picture of your kids wearing them so I may show the recipients your picture. Please have your Mom send me the photo and i will print it.

Your Mom said my instructions made no sense....I think you all did perfectly regardless that your Mom couldn't figure it out! Much love and smiles, Kym