Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Perfect "10"!

We have had another birthday around here!
Our sweet Maggie turned 10!

We are so blessed by this young lady.
She has a heart of gold. So tender and caring towards others. Serving is her gift.

The Party Guests
Brian and Hudson

Tessa and Me

Abbi and Maggie

Weston and Elizabeth

Caleb and Dani Rae too. (just no pic)

Birthday girl with her Rocky Road Dessert and 10 candles!

I love this young lady ~ so much!! 
She is a joy to all.

Happy Birthday Mags!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Looks like you had a great party:)

Cinnamon said...

Aww great birthday pictures!! How fun to be 10!! Happy Birthday from all of us~

You ARE one sweet gal~

~The Kerschner Family

Dyar Family said...

She is super cute!! I can't believe she was just a baby when I moved away from Park City. They grow up so fast!

in a world surrounded by men said...

The Sweeneys love Maggie! Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Maggie...hope your day was great & your year will be filled with blessings from the Lord!