Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colorado is the place to be...

at a conference called ICC!
(wow - it rhymed)

ICC stands for 
 Institute for Cultural Communicators 
"The mission of ICC is to shape culture through authentic communication and equip Christian students with both the competence and character they need to influence culture for Christ."
We had the opportunity and privilege to attend.
It is for ages 6 and older. They were all able to participate except Tessa and Cooper.
So we all packed up and headed out.
(Grandma stayed home with my parents)

When you have many peeps and you are traveling more than 45 minutes to your destination than you travel through the night. This is a great lesson we have learned through the years.
Here is why...
Everyone sleeps (except the driver, of course) and no one is hungry, thirsty or needs to go potty. 
(makes for a much quicker and less hassle trip)

So, we left at 3am and arrived to Denver at about noon.
We had lunch packed and decided to stop at one of our 
old stomping grounds - Washington Park - to have a picnic and stretch our legs.
(We lived in Denver for 2 years and lived just a mile from this park)

Cooper loved the swing.

Anything is better than his carseat

Little girls enjoyed the slide.

A Race!
Go. Go!

Cooper and Maggie
Does this boy ever NOT smile?

Dani Rae

We also drove by the apt we lived in while attending Denver Seminary.
And the park we use to walk-the-dog.

Denver Seminary has relocated, but this is where it use to be.

We had a great time playing, running, eating and visiting old places.

Then we continued on our journey to my sister's...
stay tuned!

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Amy said...

Looks like the drive to CO went well. We have driven through the night a few times with our kids on long journeys and it does seem to work very well for the very reasons you listed.