Monday, October 17, 2011

Teenage Boys...

I absolutely love having "young men" in our home.
I really do.
(most of the time)

They are good workers and very helpful around the house and camp.
(most of the time)
It is a joy for me to see them play and take care of their younger siblings.
I am truly enjoying this season of life - teenagers and babies
and everything in between.

my two teenage boys (that I am in love with) have been running cross country this year.
Last week was their region meet in Salt Lake.
The night before they had their Carbs Dinner (spaghetti) with the team.
The coach gave them a "pep talk" and gave them each a purple (NS colors) bead for their shoestring.
Team Spirit!!

My Two Boys
Hudson and Caleb

Warming up

Team stretching


I think they should stick to running - definitely would not make it very far in Vegas.

Game planning with Coach

Before the race Huddle

Caleb in the lead and Hudson right behind.

The next time we saw the runners, Caleb had a pretty good lead.

Hudson was right in there (in the pack) behind Caleb 

Next time we saw Caleb, he had fell behind.
Not normal for him.
As he passed me, I said, "Come on buddy. Catch 'em!" 
He looked at me in pain and said, "My asthma."
I ran to find his bag and rifled through it until I found his inhaler.
I handed it to him when I saw him again.
He inhaled.
And tried to make up lost ground.

Hudson hanging with the front guys.

Caleb passed a few guys but just could not get back to the front.
He placed 6th overall and 3rd for the team.
Hudson placed 4th overall and 1st for the team.
Our boys team took 2nd.
(got beat by 2 points)
Our girls team took 2nd.
Both teams are going to STATE!!

Hudson getting his medal.

The boys team

The boys and girls team.

State is on Wednesday.
We are praying for good health, no asthma attacks and very fast legs.
Go Braves!!


Angela said...

Poor Caleb. My dd did that with soccer. The seasonal allergies got her. I am thinking you will be holding that inhaler in your hand on Wed so you dont have to go looking for it! Mommas are always the best cheerleaders! :o) Congrats on their accomplishments. They did great.

Nicole said...

Wow~ It totally just ALL came back to me, reading this post just put me back in Middle and High School running cross country...ouch. Sorry Caleb had an athsma attack...I will pray for this this week!!! Praying for both boys for Wednesday :) Grat job, guys!

Cinnamon said...

Loved all the pictures. It's so fun to watch them isn't it! Track is my favorite sport that Gavin participates in.

Great job guys~