Friday, October 21, 2011

Garden of the Gods

One last thing from our trip to Colorado...

Our conference was in Colorado Springs, CO.
Sooo, we took an afternoon to visit the State Park
Garden of the Gods.
It was beautiful and very fun to walk around.
However, I will say, it just "killed" my boys that they were dressed up and couldn't climb on the rocks.
Oh, the temptation and the self-control (or lack of it).

The Crew

 My Girls

 My cute Man and Me

 My guys

Our future (happy) rock climber.
note: see the guy in the background?
 Oh how his two-tooth grin just melts me!!

I have no pictures of the conference but we had a blast and the children learned lots.
We are thankful for our experience!


Anonymous said...

How many times do you get to see Caleb in a tie?
Mark the calender. JK JK


Anderson, Party of Five! said...

Holy smokes! That is one cute family. Um...your boys in ties - so handsome! And that little one, yummy! Great photos Ashley! We are dying to hang with you guys - maybe this week or next!?

Amy said...

Loved all of your family shots!!! Great picture of you and your man;) Cooper looks so tiny in the boys shot but is so yummy in the one by himself. He is a cutie!!!

You have a beautiful family!!!