Tuesday, October 25, 2011


And lots of it!
Back in August we took a family trip to the
Great Salt Lake - Antelope Island
A few known facts:
1- The Great Salt Lake, located in the northern part of Utah, is the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere,the fourth-largest terminal lake in the world. In an average year the lake covers an area of around 1,700 square miles.
2 - The Great Salt Lake is endorheic (has no outlet besides evaporation) and has very high salinity, far saltier than sea water.  Because of its unusually high salt concentration, most people can easily float in the lake as a result of the higher density of the water.
(resource: wikipedia)

We have talked about going for years - each year. 

The kids ask, we talk about it, we think we are going to go
and then....
we don't.
This year - WE DID!

We hiked up, up, up.
Checked out the views.

Climbed the rocks and hiked around.


Abbi, Elizabeth, and Maggie

Hudson carrying the Hunk for a bit.


Where's the Beach?
That way!

Crazy Mountain Kids

Our Incredible 9

Tess and Daddy
So not fair!

All of us!
On top of the world.
(well, not really)

We saw several buffalo and antelope.
we went to the beach!

Some of us (actually just one of us) took a nap.

While the others played in the sand

and swam/floated in the salty water.
Very salty.
Found a few "soft spots"
and sunk

Me and Cooper enjoying the beach
(along with a gazillion brine flies)

The Coop!
Awake and happy
We all had a blast and highly recommend it.
Definitely a highlight of this summer.

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