Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We finally made it to my sisters house.
My children were so excited to see and be with their cousins.

We finally got to meet the newest cousin -
He is soooo yummy cute!

Cooper and Naomi

The storm we drove through was headed their way the next day so the children harvested the garden in preparation for the snow.
David and Weston
Sarah and Elizabeth

What a harvest of yummies!


So beautiful!

Naomi talking to Cooper

Tessa and Sammy painting

More painting

Oh, my very cute nephew.

Our time with cousins was way too short but we loved every minute of it.


Cinnamon said...

I love all the colors and veggies.

Cooper looks so handsome. Does he really always smile? Love it!


Amy said...

That is definitely a bountiful harvest!!!! It made for some very, pretty colorful shots.

Cousins must be really fun. We don't have any. My husband was an only child and grandchild. I only have one sister and she doesn't have any children. Looks like a lot of fun for you and your sister (plus your other siblings) to have children all around the same ages. Hopefully, there will be lots of cousins one day for my children's children.