Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Off the Mountain

One more thing...

With Hudson's deer, I had told you I was retired from the processing.  Apparently, I am not!  I was needed again; for two reasons --  1. Brian hurt his back getting out of the 6-wheeler helping with the elk.  2. There is so much more meat on an elk and it was "all hands on deck" for this project.  We ended up with 80 lbs of meat.  You might also appreciate the fact that we started our day with the elk on the mountain  at 6:30am and it was in the freezer and the kitchen cleaned by 5:30pm.  That was a full day of elk. 

This elk was so big and way too heavy for us to drag.  We had to quarter it and carry it in pieces up the mountainside, through brush and scrub oak to the 6-wheeler.  Not an easy task.  I know this because I watched them do it.  Don't be too judgmental...  Someone had to take pictures.

Abbi and Hudson with a quarter.


IMG_3583-1   IMG_3611-1

Evan with a quarter. I am so glad he came to help or this may have been me.


Since the meat was quartered we decided to finish the job and get it in the freezer.

             Cutting meat off bones                                    Grinding the meat



Weston and Maggie ground the meat.  Elizabeth bagged it and I vacuum sealed the bags.  I also cleaned out the meat freezer.  Organized and defrosted it so we would have plenty of room.

It's a done deal!  Our freezer is full. And we have organic meat to eat.


Marci said...

I love how your whole family gets in on it. :) I am glad you have meat!!!

Cinnamon said...

We have considered getting the meat grinding attachment for our Bosch too. Do you like yours? It looks as though it does a great job. We love our Bosch for normal mixing and bread making.