Monday, December 15, 2008

Sidenote to Orlando


If I were to measure the fun of our trip.  I would measure it by pounds.  And I would say that we had 4 pounds of fun. 

Oh. my. Goodness!! 

FOUR pounds gained in one week.  How is that possible?  It takes me at least one week, sometimes more, to lose just one pound.  And yet, I managed to GAIN a whopping 4 pounds in 7 days.  I guess you can tell what we did most of the time.  And now you can guess what I will be doing more of now that I am home again - Exercise!!  And less pigging out eating!!

And that will be easier said than done now that it is 8 degrees outside and we are in the midst of the holidays and partying.  Self-control...Kick in, Now!!

Oh my. (sigh)