Friday, December 5, 2008

On Loan

Meet Casey!

He is the future daddy of our spring baby goats.  Yep! He is the man. We have him on loan from a friend.  We will let him spend some time with our ladies (female goats).  If all goes well, 5 months later we will have babies and lots of yummy goat milk.


The little girls call him "the big goat".  Hard to tell in these pics but he is much bigger than our does (females).  They like his long beard.


If you are not familiar with goats then you don't know that bucks (the male) have a really bad "manly" smell. We humans do not like the smell and it is impossible to wash off.  BUT- the female goats love the smell.  And that is a good thing. They get all cuddly when they get a whiff of him.   Anyways, until we have a better farm set up, we prefer to not keep a buck on site. 

Therefore, we borrow one for a short time.  Thanks Judy!!!


These are the does-in-waiting.  Go to work Casey!

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Cinnamon said...

Isn't that smell the worst! Ugh!! We use to have a male goat and our son loved to ride the goat. Well then he'd come up and hug us and we'd just about throw him off trying to get away from that awful goat smell. Funny thing was, the smell never bothered our son :-/