Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Ornaments

Let the fun begin!  This is the night we pop a huge bowl popcorn, turn on the Christmas tunes and load the tree down with ornaments.

Our tree is not a theme tree.  It is very much a hodge podge of things.  It is a tree that tells our stories.  Each ornament has a meaning and a story.  The children enjoy talking about them as we pull them out.  We even have some ornaments from Brian's childhood.  The one the kiddos get the biggest kick out of is the dog he painted purple.

Growing up we had a theme tree.  I vividly remember pulling out the gold glitter balls and gold garland each year.  I loved our tree! (Mom, if you are reading this, I would love to have 8 of those gold balls - if you still have them)  

Anyhow, each child gets a new ornament that represents the past year.  This is a tradition (click for more details) that we do each year.

Hudson: Born to Hunt (hunter safety and first deer hunt)


Maggie: Servants heart (happy and very willing to serve)


Tessa: Precious Moments laying down with a plate of cookies (her two favorite things)


Abbi: Oven with bread (has become a great cook/help in the kitchen this year)


Caleb: Black Bear (he finally saw the black bear that lives on our mountain. we knew he existed because of his tree scratches but just had not seen him yet)


Ashley: Two Bears in a Tent and says "Happy Campers". Our first summer of hosting camps at Big Canyon with a lodge.


Elizabeth: Orange Kitty (she loved on our orange kitten all of the time)


Brian: Tool Belt (pretty much built the Big Canyon Lodge - with the help of many volunteers)


Dani Rae: Precious Moments holding an orange kitten


Weston: Gone Fishing (loved his fishing trip with Dad and siblings to Strawberry)



Jeremiah: A Baby Bear Sleeping in a Star - Perfect!

He will live in our hearts forever!!  With a little tear in my eye, I must say, I miss that little guy. 


What a great year, even in the midst of trials, this year has been.  Thank you Lord, for your goodness!!

Tree Up - check

Lights On - check

Ornaments Hung - check

Christmas Tree Done!


Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

I stole your ornament idea for the boys. I remember reading it last year and thought it was a fantastic idea. Thank you. The kids are all so cute and proud of their ornaments.

Pam said...

What a sweet tradition! Jeremiah's is beautiful! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful post Mtn Mama :-) I could almost smell the popcorn and see it all over the floor :-) hee hee