Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Week...

O.K.  You know that we went to Orlando.  And you know that it was Brian and I that went.  So, you may be asking, "Did they take their children?"  The answer to that question would be - No.  So, where were the children while we were gone?  Four of them stayed at our home with Nana (my mom).  Three of them went to their cousins house (my brother).  And one went to S.Dakota with Papa (my dad) to pheasant hunt.  All 8 of them had a wonderful time!!  Thanks Papa, Nana, Grant, Shannon and family!!

They enjoyed the snow while we enjoyed some of this...



The Players


Greg and Sheila (Brian's sister)

Greg is director of a camp in Arizona.


Deanne and Scott

Scott is the Program Director for Big Canyon and Deanne helps me cook for the campers.


Brian and Me

Of course, there were about 600 other people there for the Christian Camping Conference also.  But, it was the 6 of us "tearing up Orlando".

The Activities

Before the conference started on Monday night, we spent the day at Kennedy Space Center.  L.O.V.E.D it!!!  We all learned so much.  I just wish I could get my children there.  They would love it too.



The Rocket Garden (the different rockets used through the years)


             Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). This is where the rockets are built.  565 ft tall  (Statue of Liberty is 305 ft tall)


The Crawler.  This machine carries the rockets from the building to the launch pad.  When loaded it travels one mile per hour.

IMG_3813 IMG_3800

One evening, after our conference session, all 600 of us loaded on buses and went to Epcot Center.  It was dark so I have no pictures except for this one of the huge Christmas tree at the entrance.  We learned quickly that we 40 somethings don't do rides.  The first thing we did when we got there was ride "Trip to Mars".  We were all so sick.  Wimps!!  Most of us recovered but we still had weak stomachs the rest of the evening.


So, our guys decided to plan and take charge of one mornings activity.  Our guys took - - -


us girls on an airboat tour to look for gators in the wild.


All fine and dandy but it just so happened to have rained the day before and this day was freezing.  We layered and bundled up as best we could with all of our beachwear.  And jumped on the airboat.


Here we go!


To the water forests filled with gators.  Except for this day.  It was too cold and they all stayed in the water where I am sure it was much warmer.  I know because I was outside of the water and freezing.


However we did see a few Bald Eagles


and cows!


It was a great and fun experience. Just too bad we didn't see any hungry, ferocious, human eating alligators.  Ahh shucks!

We did see bears and Scott almost got mauled by one. (at the Bass Pro Shop)


This was our home away from home.  A very nice villa provided by a Big Canyon board member.  Thank you Bill and Debbie!


We did a lot of this...


eating, drinking, talking, laughing. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the conference.  We went away with great ideas and a renewed excitement for this coming year.



Anonymous said...

Girl, I really do not know how you do it! You have got to be one of the busiest persons I have ever seen!!! I think its great!!!

Teri said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time. It's always nice to get away from the kids for a while. It always makes me appreciate them even more when I get home.

Cinnamon said...

I am glad you had a great time. Not sure I'd want to go look for alligators though~ yikes!

My sil will be mailing your DVD (isn't that neat you were the winner!)in a couple days when she gets it in. They live in Las Vegas so it will get to you quicker than my sending it.

Good to have you back :-) Cinnamon

Andrea Cherie said...

Oh Florida!! You're making me very anxious for our trip in 2 weeks!