Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventure in the Air - Kansas Part 1

We all rolled out of our beds at 4:30 am, already dressed and bags loaded in the van. We combed hair, put on shoes, kissed the kittens, patted the dogs and honked to the pasture animals - we were on our way to the airport!

We made it through security and and the dreaded fun task of putting shoes on and off of 10 people. Not to mention the 12 carry on bags that had to be rolled through the security screens. "Does everybody have their designated bag? OK! Let's keep movin'!" On to the gate where we made it in plenty of time.

Safe Landing!!!Yay! We arrived in Kansas City and we got there in only 5 hours - compared to 2 days driving!
The boys got our luggage from baggage claim and Brian went to get our rental car van.

We found a little corner and waited for our men/boys.

A friend asked, "What was it like traveling with 8 kids? Any funny/crazy comments?"

**We had a great time traveling as a family. We had our "buddy system" - an older child with a younger child. Each had a specific bag (the bag handling changed at times and got confusing, but everyone and everything made it home - AND that's a good thing!)
** We had many stares and lots of onlookers. It was funny to see people looking at us and counting each of the children...1..2..3..4....

** The only comment I got was, "Wow! Your own Eight is Enough." (And I say... Whoever said 8 was enough?!)


Cinnamon said...

What great pictures!! I agree, who said 8 was enough :-)


eastkentuckygal said...

Mama, I want you to know that you have blessed me with these posts. I only have 2 children and sometimes I feel like I'm sinking fast. I see you smiling through a tragic moment and traveling with eight children. I see you and I know it's not easy. It can't be easy, but you are doing it. I can do it too.

Andrea Cherie said...

Wow! Flying with 8 kids, you are amazing! But it probably helps that you have amazing kids! ;)