Saturday, September 19, 2009

Girls and Twirls

Our cousins just attended a beautiful wedding in Idaho. We received pictures - oh so beautiful. All to say, after seeing the pics, they wanted to dress up and "go to a wedding". So Maggie, Elizabeth and Dani Rae dressed up in their finest wedding attire. Then Abbi curled and prettied their hair. They were ready. They went outside and twirled in the grass and celebrated their (pretend) wedding.

Notice the little kitten dancing with them. (he was actually chasing their dresses)

Dani Rae



It was a fun afternoon of getting pretty and dancing at our (pretend) wedding.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Your daughters are gorgeous! And that is the cutest kitten I have EVER seen!

Andrea Cherie said...

Do you just have an endless supply of kittens at your house? Elizabeth always seems to have one in your photos!

Cinnamon said...

Hi Girls~ Gianna wants you to know she misses you all very very much. She is going to send a letter that has a picture of our house to you. Oh, and it has words too, she says :-)

Very cute~ Cinnamon