Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mountain Seasons

In the mountains we are suppose to have 4 seasons. The reality is - we don't. It goes more like this:
Winter - Mud - July - Winter
Hmmm... I guess THAT is 4 seasons.

Fortunately, the white stuff won't stick around this time. But it won't be long when it will come again and not go away until April (maybe May). Don't get me wrong - I like snow. In fact, I LOVE it for about 3 months but by month 5 - I am DONE!

I will admit the snow looked beautiful today. Don't you think?

One Word...


The Morris Family said...

beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!! Did you get your camera and get it going?? Good job!! Not that they need editing but do you have photo shop or use something else?? You know my Anna, she edits and crops everything!!!

Looks so peaceful up there! Hows your mom??


Pam said...

Yes it is beautiful! You get to really enjoy God's creation up in those mountains.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley and Family,
Hope you remember us...the Smith's with J.M., Tim, and Kym??? I ran across an old Christmas letter and saw this address and just had to "visit" with you and your family. How beautiful they all are and I know you are so proud of all 8 of them.
Take good care and give your mom and dad our love!
June and Jim Smith
Atlanta, GA