Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bunkhouse - KS Part 5

So... we stayed at Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Ann's bunkhouse (not from Jerry's home). They are Greg's (Sheila's husband) family. And now they are part of ours. We LO-OVED our stay with them!! They are good ol' country folk that open their home to anyone. So- much- so that they built a bunkhouse. It is AWESOME!

This bunkhouse was built by the Amish. There are 2 lofts a bathroom. And fifteen beds! This is where Gma June, our family and all of the cousins called home during our short stay.

This is (Aunt) Ann having fun with the children. We went a few yards to their home for each of our meals. Ann had a beautiful spread of yummy food always waiting upon our arrival. The home-cooked meals were fabulous and always accompanied with fun fellowship - sitting around a big table talking and laughing.

The yard swing

The Front porch swing

The girls loft.

Thanks Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Ann!!
We loved being in your home and with you!!!

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Marci said...

What a great idea. Looks like a fun place to stay.