Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebration of Life - The Final Chapter

The Celebration of Life
* Jerry *
August 26th, 2009 at 2 pm

At the service Greg sang two songs, friends spoke of Jerry's character and memories made with him, and Brian spoke about eternal life and the love of Jesus. Brian started off by having all 13 of Jerry's grandchildren stand up front and he talked about the legacy Jerry leaves behind. Brian then asked his step-grandchildren to come up - 10 more! WOW!! What a great visual.
Everyone did a fabulous job of giving tribute to Jerry. He was a very loved man and will be missed by many.

This is the cemetery where Jerry's body is laid to rest. Beautiful! Surrounded by huge trees. Perfect!

On the way to the cemetery, there was a caravan of about 50 vehicles. Police held back all other traffic at the intersections. It was honoring to see how people in the oncoming lane would pull over and wait for the progression of cars to pass before proceeding on their way.

After the service/burial everyone was invited to go back to Sue's (and Jerry's) house for food, fellowship and fun.

Wade, Craig, Sheila, Brian, Jason and Chris
(the four guys are Sue's sons, Jerry's step-sons)

All 6 couples

Gma June, the M's and the Z's

The whole Z clan!!

We miss Papa Jerry!


Andrea Cherie said...

Beautiful family! A HUGE legacy of children & grandchildren!

The Morris Family said...

what an incredible heritage that he has passed on through children and grandchildren!! I know he will be missed greatly!! What a beautiful service and tribute to him!