Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh so SWEET!!

Honey that is!!
Yep, our bees worked hard and stayed "on task". So much so that they have filled their 2 hives for survival this winter and also OUR little hive.
Papa and Nana came to our house for dinner and then we got to work.
Time to Harvest the Honey!!

Anxiously pulling out the frames to find all of the honey.

This hot knife opened up the honeycomb.

Oh, the honey-comb! yum yum

Then we put the frames in a honey spinner and spun away. Such great helpers and, i might mention, quite cute also.

More spinning.

This bucket was lined with a filter to clean the honey.

It smelled so sweet and yummy in our garage.
Papa had a full audience of Z's watching the process. This was a first for all of us. Hopefully many more to come.

This honey is now filtered and getting put in a quart jar.

6 jars total!
Don't be asking us for any honey. :)
We are keeping this yummy stuff to ourselves.
However, if you come to our home we will be happy to share!!

And Tessa sweet-talked Nana into reading a book.
Oh, how she loves her Nana!

Remember this...? and then this!

We are so thankful for our first harvest of honey.

Thanks to the bees! And thank you Papa!!!


in a world surrounded by men said...

I will be over tomorrow - for a serving (share) of honey.

Since I don't get invited, I am inviting myself.

Natalie said...

Awesome! It looks delicious! Nothing like fresh, raw honey!

Andrea Cherie said...


6 quarts would last my DH about 2.5 months! I have to watch his honey intake otherwise he puts it on EVERYTHING!

The Morris Family said...

So exciting!!! I buy it by the 5 gallon containers. That will be a great business for the children!! It sells for about $22-25 a gallon around here! So thankful for the harvest of it!!!


Dyar Family said...

Yummy! I wish we could have a taste, but its a little far :).

Just wanted to tell you how much I admire you! I wish I could soak in all your mommy wisdom, can I just come see you for a weekend to see how it is done:). Three has been a challenge to get use to and you seem to do 8 with such grace!