Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back in August...

...We went to the lake nearby.
My brother, Grant and his family joined us. 
AND they brought their boat!!!

Waving in the boat. Oh the excitement!!

Pulling it in. What muscles!!

Time to Play!

Caleb doing the knee board

Hudson doing the wake board thing

And Abbi doing the wake board.

Jacob, Dani Rae and Elizabeth tubing at mock speed

The Stud-Muffin
Go Bro!!

~ ~Catching some waves ~ ~

- - Catching some rays - -

z- z- Catching a snooze - z - z

Burying Hudson alive...

and then Weston!

Julia and Joshua

No one seemed to mind the wet sand except for Tarzan Jane Tessa.
It really worried her.

Serious games of Baci on the Beach

Julia, Tess and Maggie

Weston and Jacob

Julia and Elizabeth

Sandcastles and Mudholes

A day filled with so much fun and activity sure makes a person want to do this...

We loved spending the day at the lake.
We loved playing on the beach.
We loved boating.
And we loved being with our cousins!!

It is cooler now. The boat has been put away for the winter.
We look forward to next summer and future boating days with family!!

Thanks Grant, Shannon and family!!


Cinnamon said...

That is so much fun isn't it! The cousins and your kiddos look soo much alike!

Love the picture of Tessa with her dirty hands :-)


Amy said...

Wonderful family time!!! I used to go do this kind of stuff with my dad in the summers. My boys have never done this nor do we know anyone with a boat to do tnis around here. I think the older boys would have a blast out doing that because they don't seem to be afraid of anything!! Got to love the NO FEAR and BOYS:)