Monday, November 16, 2009

Back in September...

when it was warmer
(it was 12 deg this morning)
and we were still wearing shorts ~

the girls and I took a walk to Eagles Landing.
(a place down our road where there is a creek fed wading pool and trees where the Eagles sit in the winter. Hence ~ Eagles Landing)

When I said "girls", I meant all of the girls. My daughters and the goats!

Abbi rode Risky



Dani Rae


The Crew of Girls

Before I close out this post I must tell you that Tess (2 yo), walked all the way home - BAREFOOT!
(She wanted to!)

See her cute little feet? See our gravel road?
 That's how she got home. Without even notice of the rocks. Those are some tough "tootsies".

Oh and I just have to throw these in, too.

I just could not resist sharing that cute smile and those chubby cheeks with all of you.


Cinnamon said...

What a cutie-pie! A tough cutie-pie~


Tracy H. said...

My, what beautiful girls you have! And that Tess...I think she is tougher than my 3 1/2 yr old Gabe :)...maybe. Hope all is well with your family! It was fun to catch up on some pics. It sure makes me miss the mountains!

Gae said...

What beautiful pictures of your family. Of course you couldn't resist taking more photos.
What a lovely place to walk to