Sunday, November 8, 2009

Me wuv dat!

That is a phrase we hear often around here.
Tessa wuvs many dings.

"me wuv to nuggul Chawee (Charlie)"

"me wuv to ting" (sing)

"me wuv to dive" (drive)

"me wuv to wide" (ride)

"me wuv kool" (school)

And my most favorite quote by Tessa is...
"me wuv to nuggul you, mom-mom"
And then she snuggles me! Mmm. Love it!!

And WE love our Tessa!
Here are a few of her 2 year old pics that I took.
She had so much fun posing for the camera. And I had so much fun taking them.

She brings us much joy!


Cinnamon said...

Oh my stars!! Too cute! Box her up and keep her just like that~


Angela said...


Jennifer said...

What a sweetie!
Can't believe she'll be 3 next month~

Amy said...

Oh my! She is adorable:) This was cute post. I Wuv it;)

Natalie said...

She is adorable! Great pics by you. . .

Anonymous said...

tessa is so cute