Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Trip out in the Field

in other words ~ A Homeschool Field-trip
Yes, it's true, we do go to the city once in a while. 


In this case, we went to Salt Lake and met with some other homeschool families for an educational tour of the aquarium.

We started out in the "sunken ship" for discussion and learning time.

Then out to the "field" for hands-on learning.

Shark teeth. And lots of them.


Sea Rays

Maggie and Jessica (cousin) having fun with the Sea Ray.

Watch Out Weston and Josh!!!
That is a shark and he is headed right for you.

It was a nice aquarium and we all learned some new things.
It was fun to be with cousins and new friends.
Science done - CHECK!

My Very Sweet Grandma!
(she is 96 and as cute as a button)
After our tour we all dropped in on my Grandma to say "hello".
She was happy to have company.
I am happy to call her "grandma".

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Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We like the aquarium that is about an hour away from here too. We haven't been in a while. Also, your grandmother is beautiful!!