Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Trail...

You see, we have this trail.
well kinda...
It's a trail, but we, the people, can not use it. So really, what kind of trail is that?
I'll tell you what kind of trail!!! - A Deer Trail. An overgrown, tree-fallin', rock covered deer trail!!!
All to say, not use-able for Horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, 4-wheelin'... you get the picture?

After 5 years of living here and not being able to use this beautiful mountain trail; we decided to do something about it.
Brian grabbed his chain saw. The rest of us grabbed gloves.
And we headed to the so-called trail...

Time to Work!

Brian sawed (is that a word?) the overgrown trees.

The rest of us threw rocks and branches off the trail.

I really enjoy projects like this one. Why?
Because we can do it as a family.
We have fun together, we are a team, we are goofy, we learn things along the way.
I get to watch my husband work hard!
(I could watch him do anything all day long:) (Ok. Ok. Enough!)

So, while we were being a family working together...

there were four moose just across the way being a family eating together.
Dad, Mom, and 2 young 'uns.
This was the best pic (of daddy) that I got of the crew. You will just have to trust me that there were 4.

They kept eating and we kept working.
The nerve!
I was thinking to myself, "why don't they come over here and help us clear this tangled mess?" You just know they are going to use this trail. And they did nothing! Absolutely nothing. I take that back, before we got there, they had left some of their scat on the trail (for me to step in).
They just kept on eating. Humph! As if that was more important than what we were doing.!

Check it out!
A clear trail!
(no thanks to the moose)

Happy Trails!

fyi: we have cleared hundreds (3 or 4) of yards so far and still have about 100 to go. Each day we tackle a section. Progress is being made.
Come ride with us!!


Jess B said...

I'm so jealous! That would be wonderful to have so close to home! And what a great way to spend a day together, too!!

Amy said...

It's great when you can accomplish something grand together!!!

Cinnamon said...

How fun! And to think it really is that beautiful in person! You are one blessed Mama!