Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Little Tradition...

9 Years Ago:
3 bachelor friends of ours came up with a great idea.
Pie Breakfast...On Thanksgiving morning!
They made the pies from scratch, brewed some coffee, and invited friends to their bachelor pad. 
We all (about 40-60) showed up for pie and fellowship that morning on November 2000.

Present Day:
The bachelors have since gotten married.
AND ~ the tradition continues. 

This year there was expected to be 300. 

My guess is that Dani Rae had, umm... Chocolate pie!
Good choice.

So many pies to choose from...

My Cute Grandma joined in on the fun.

And even more pies!

By the look on Abbi's and my Mom's face, they are thoroughly enjoying their "Breakfast of Pies"!

Our family looks forward to this tradition each year.
Thanks to the bachelors who started it!
And a big thanks to their wives who have supported it and made it even better!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Did you have all those people at your house? AMAZING! We had pie the day after Thanksgiving too, for breakfast! Apple and Blueberry! I love it cold! It was wonderful!

Cinnamon said...

Wow! What kinds of pie did you have? Sounds yummy~


TX Doodler said...

O my goody, goodness-yummo!! I'm really tickled by this post because just last year we decide on having an all pie thanksgiving, ourselves! (Thank God none of us are diabetic!) Yup, both my lil guys do not eat turkey, one is almost complete vegetarian. I just don't like going to the work or waste of food, only for the hubster & I to eat. Jo, my oldest asked if we could just have pie. My sis & I thought, "hmmmm, this could be fun!" We had a total of 6-8 pies for 5 people! Hysterical! We were in pie heaven for quite some time. My rear end & thighs definitely showed it by Christmas. yikes, how humiliating....

Amy said...

What a great tradition! Sounds like a lot of fun:)

Dani Joy said...

No pictures of those famous bachorlors? I am sooo curious. Is this an outreach for a church?

This sounds like a great idea! I will have to mention it to our missionary friends and see if we can do something similar someday.

Dani Joy