Friday, November 13, 2009

There is a Good Chance You are Redneck...

... or resourceful, or creative, or not very smart, or SOMETHING!

Yep! It's for real. Duct Tape to fix a flat tire.
(for those of you wondering ~ it did NOT work)

How is it possible that one of MY offspring actually thought this would work?
This child could not possibly be mine.

I won't mention a name (Caleb) but this child LOVES duct tape. He believes in that stuff for EVERYTHING {obviously}. 
So, if you ever need duct tape or need anything fixed, now you know who to call ~~ or NOT to call !!!

Bedder go teech more skoolin' to da chitluns.


Cinnamon said...

Oh now "dat's" funny!! :-)


Sandra said...

Every time one of my kids does something like this I say, "Don't tell anyone your're homeschooled!"

a simple quilter said...

this week we've had a mouse house made of black hockey tape...we don't officially own mice...they came with the cabin and boy child thought he could catch one and train it....NOT!

and today boy child thought he would like a zip line from the woods down to the cabin so it wouldn't take so long to get back for food....he built it out of #10 crochet thread....SO not going to work. But he'll figure it out before he gets hurt.

love hearing your stories...have a great weekend!

in a world surrounded by men said...

You are so COUNTRY!!!

jennstar said...

I would say that only a home school kid would even TRY something like this - it is creative and experimental. It may not have been the right way to think, but it IS thinking!

~Bren~ said...

THAT is a guy for ya!! I thought my husband was a redneck when, after he shampooed the carpet in the van, he took out grey spray paint and painted the spots that would not come clean. I could not believe it!! Thing is, it worked great and he said that they do it all the time in the car business when detailing.

The Morris Family said...

How funny!!! The barn looks great so far....I wished our guys could have come and built it for ya.....they could have done it all!!!
I want to come up there!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Caleb not such a bad idea try using glue next time
or just get a patching kit.