Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Man's Best Friend

They say a Man's best friend is a dog.

And I would agree in many cases, but in this particular case, this dog has NOT been my best friend, let alone a friend. Why? Well, he has killed played with many of our chickens, usually (almost always) resulting in death. Something that does not make me happy.
A chickens death! Argh!!
All to say, he has NOT been my best friend...

However, I will say that he is cute in a funny sort of way.
AND, he has not "played" with a chicken for about 3 months and I am warming up to the idea of actually liking this dog.
{I can not believe I just said that!}

I mean, how could you not?
Look at those droopy eyes, the long-short awkward body. And the crooked legs. Too hilarious! And he is probably the worst defect of breeding in all of history.  Lab and Basset mix!! Who woulda thunk up that one? Probably some redneck...
 And only a redneck would take one home. :)

This picture shows his commitment to me.
Last evening, I was outside taking pictures of the progress on the barn. Noticing that all my pictures had my shadow, I kept moving around. And then I realized what those shadows were telling me.
I have a friend!
Even though I have not showed him much affection as of late, (unless you consider yanking him by the ear and locking him in the kennel (only because of a yet another dead chicken) affectionate) he has always greeted me with those droopy eyes and a look that says, "Don't be mad."

So, for now, I will throw him another bone and not be mad.


Amy said...

Poor chickens!!! But he sure is cute. I love the floppy ears:)

Cinnamon said...

Awwww, Ashley~


The Morris Family said...

I/m your friend too!!!!!

Neat pictures of the doggie!!

I guess we both got construction going on!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!