Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a Must!

The boys were given Cabela's gift cards for Christmas.
When THAT happens it is a must that you GO to Cabela's.
Who wants to shop online when you can go and see and touch everything that you have ever dreamed about. (Keep in mind, I am speaking for the men of the house.) Us girls enjoy going too. We like going for different reasons.  We like the animal displays, feeding the fish, watching the fish in the tanks, eating Horehound candy and watching our men enjoy themselves.

The Friendly Moose

The large fish tank. We got there just in time to watch them as they got fed. Oh, they were going crazy. Very fun to watch!

Tessa and Me!

Our good friends were also at Cabela's. So while the men shopped, and the little ones fed the fish, Laurie and I got to hang out and visit. Quite nice! (love ya, Laur!)
We had a fun and very successful visit to Cabela's.
Thanks Grandma June for the gift cards.


Cinnamon said...

That does sound like fun! What did the guys end up getting?


Amy said...

I've never been to Cabela's but my my husband took the kids there. There is one very near us plus a Bass Pro Shop as well.

Toni said...

I came across your blog this morning and I wanted to say that I really enjoyed it! It is so amazing and comforting to see the what God has done in your life and what you are doing with the gifts God has given you! I just became a stay-at-home mom in June when my husband and I had our first child. I look forward to growing a large family! You have a beautiful family! May God bless each of you! Thanks for sharing!