Saturday, January 9, 2010


(I am still posting about our New Years Weekend with Cousins)

While the guys went skiing at
The Canyons

Weston was in charge of the girls and women at home :)
And a fine job he did!!

They spent the afternoon outside.
First stop: 
The sledding hill...

Whoo Hoo!!

Hiking back up

Working on the speed bumps

Hitching a ride back up

Having fun!

Next Stop:
The Sumo Snowman

The day before, they all (big boys included) went out and built this monster snowman.

Grandma and her 13 Grands

The Guys

The Gals

It was a real treat to have the M's here to "ring in the New Year".


The Morris Family said...

Some of our older ones are getting to enjoy some of your North snow up in Wisconsin. Last night they snow skied from 10pm until 3am at Spirit mountain in Minnesota, about 30 minutes from their lodge.

looks cold up there!!!!!!


Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

That view is amazing!!!! What fun!

Barbara said...

Wow that looks like such fun, the last snowman I made was in 1995 we spent the winter in a place called Chincoteague, VA very cold, nothing like the deep South.. nice photos thanks for sharing

Amy said...

Wow, that is a HUGE snowman. Looks like a lot of kids would love to be able to do this but not where we live:)

Anonymous said...

Grandma June looks so proud and so happy. She has every right to be! What a fun photo and one that all will enjoy for years to come. MomE