Friday, January 15, 2010

Up and Coming Fashion Trends...

For Rednecks!

This is Caleb sporting his latest design of (redneck) boots.
(He thinks they are more like "mountain man" boots than redneck.
He could be right...hmmm?)

He started with his regular (very normal - what's wrong with normal!) rubber chore boots. Wrapped them with an elk hide. Then he wrapped the fur with baling wire so it would stay on the boot.
Seriously?... Seriously!!

Here is a close-up of his handy dandy work.
(I was surprised that he had not used duct tape)

What's an elk boot without blood? He kept them authentic with a hint of blood.

Place your orders now!
They are going fast!!
hee hee


Amy said...

Hilarious!!! Very clever mountian boy:)

The Morris Family said...

Ya'll are so much like us!!! Baling wire.....a must!!!!!!!!!!

Morris crew!

Cinnamon said...

Okay I think Caleb gets a A+ for creativity!!

Oh btw, John wants a pair :-)


TX Doodler said...

I'm quite sure my hubster would LOVE a set of those for his Marsh B-Day. Order me some!

Is Caleb's middle name "Jeremiah Johnson" the mountain man? ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha those are so cool now i now why you said they were the next best thing to moccasins they look like two big fur balls on your feet but still they are cool by the way will the blood attract coyotes and mountain lions when your hiking?