Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Surprise(s)!

New Years Eve Day was very anticipated.
It was the day Gma June, Sheila (Brian's mom & sis) and family were to arrive.
And arrive they did!
They drove all night from Arizona to arrive just in time for breakfast.
We ate a nice warm meal.
They were ready for hot showers to wash away the "traveling grime".
Only one problem...
NO hot water!
Actually no propane, which translates (in our home) to -- No HEAT!
No warmth of any kind coming from any of the pipes in our home.

Yep! We ran completely out of propane on New Years Eve with a house full of guests.
We bundled up...

snuggled under blankets...

stayed close...

and made the best of the situation.
One things for sure - we won't ever forget the eve of 2010!


Cinnamon said...

Brrrr~ I'm cold just looking at your pictures!


The Morris Family said...

ok......I guess the Morris family will have to give you all a bit of instructions and we do not even live in the "cold" You need a wood stove or an insert which we have. That is what we try to use all winter. Its even keeping the heat in the add on that we just did. We do have a a small stand heater that helps circulate!!!! I thought you all had a wood stove or insert. I guess it would not help on the hot showers!! I remember in 07 we were out of electricity for about 5 days. That means we do not have water either, but Terry did rig the generator up to switch things out and take care of the freezers.

I know it was a memory maker anyway!!!


Amy said...

My oh my, I don't what we would in that kind of cold especially since we are not used to it here in the deep south. We do have a gas fireplace which would have helped you out a little. Glad you were able to stay warm together. What a way to start the new year;)