Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Spoiled Ones!

We have six cats!
(Probably too many)
Nonetheless, we have six cats.
3 of them are completely outside cats - Mousers!
The other 3 are... well, let's just say, Spoiled!
They keep my girls completely happy. And in return, they have "the life".
They get fresh goat milk, "dressed up"(mostly against their will), wrapped in blankets, pushed in strollers,  constantly held, and lots of snuggling... basically, the life of royalty - for a cat!

The Royalty

Toby, Gracie and Charlie


Susan said...

Too cute =)
Oh, six isn't toooo bad...My stepmom has at least ten...I lost count several years! Just like @ your house -- a select few are royalty, and the remaining cats are all outside =)

Cinnamon said...

Oh I can just imagine all the fun the girls have with them~