Monday, December 17, 2007

Have we gone NUTS??

Family Tradition
Peppernut Making
A tradition for my family when growing up was making Peppernuts (a little Christmas Cookie) every year. My whole family would sit around the kitchen counter and we would cut and roll these little cookies. My mom was in charge of baking them and getting the pans empty so we could fill them again. I have such great memories of my family working together to get these done. Some years we shared them with other families and then there were some years we kept them to ourselves. They are so yummy!
Well, the tradition continues on with the next generation....

Papa and Nana came up with 2 pans filled with Peppernut rolls (they are in the shape of a pencil). Then we slice them and roll them. Caleb and Papa were the cutters. The rest of us rolled.

Abbi and Maggie with a full pan of rolled cookies.

Ready to bake!

More cutting and rolling.

Even Dad pitched in. BUT... he ate more than he made.

Great help he was.

Abbi and Elizabeth helping Nana empty the pans.

Dani did a great job "squishing" the balls. She had fun and was covered in flour and dough.

Roll em'

Say Cheese!

Papa and his helper.

While we were busy making peppernuts, Tess was busy checking out gifts under the tree.

No peeking Tess!!!

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