Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another First

Tessa's First Birthday!

Oh, how we adore our baby girl! What a sweet blessing she is to our family. It has been an awesome year watching her grow. Some of our favorite things about Tess are - her big smile, her belly laugh, listening to her try to sing when the rest of us are singing, watching her eat and eat and eat, putting her to bed -she loves her "dee" (blankie) and snuggles up to you or into her bed, getting her up from her naps - she is sooo happy and excited, watching her learn to sit up, then crawl and now walk, watching her hold and pat her dolly and not happy when someone else would like to hold it.

What a blast she is!!!

Birthday Party

Papa and Nana came up to celebrate with us. Nana made the cupcakes. They were strawberry cake with confetti frosting. Big hit with everyone - especially Tessa! Her first real dessert and to have it all to herself - loving it.

Tessa and her yummy cupcakes. She had each hand in a cupcake before I got done taking her pic. She loved it!!

Papa and Nana with the birthday girl.

Squish! Squish!

Abbi and Dani Rae

Elizabeth, Weston and Maggie

Mom and I

What a mess!

We cleaned her up and she opened ( I should say her siblings opened) her packages. She got a new fleece blanket.

Some Robeez slippers, bibs and onesies. She is set!

Dani Rae

"Little Bit"

I Love You, Tessa Enid!

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happy birthday tessa